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American Apparel Company is Giving Thanks to First Responders & Essential Workers Worldwide amid COVID-19 Pandemic
“Our Heroes Collection” by Funky Tea Shirt is a Tribute to All Those First Responders & Essential Workers who Put their Lives on the Line Every Day"

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA/USA, January 23, 2021. The year 2020 will be remembered in history as the year of pain and instead of war or violence, humanity has faced a viral disease as its enemy. Leading this humanity’s battle against the Coronavirus was a brave generation of First Responders and Essential Workers, who deserve respect, love, and gratitude. To express this gratitude and say a proper thank you to these frontline soldiers against the pandemic, an American apparel company called Funky Tea Shirt has launched a new line of T-Shirts called “Our Heroes Collection”. This collection is dedicated to these brave men and women, and it is now available online on the company’s website.

Thank You Nurses & DoctorsThe CDC predicts 80,000 COVID-19 related deaths during January 2021 and most of the people dying from around the world are First Responders and Essential Workers.” Said the spokesperson of Funky Tea Shirt, while talking about the pandemic. “During these trying times, Funky Tea Shirt gives its thanks to all the first responders and essential workers with their ‘Our Heroes Collection’.” He added. The company is welcoming people to show their support and appreciation toward first responders and essential workers by wearing these t-shirts.

In addition to the ultimate thanksgiving to the First Responders and Essential Workers, the "Our Heroes Collection" is also aimed at raising awareness and showing support to the brave men and women, especially from the healthcare sector. They are saving the lives of people by risking their own, which is not only a mark of bravery but also greatness and selflessness. These T-Shirts will also play a major role in changing people’s attitude and behavior towards these brave workers, who are the true heroes of modern times.

From doctors to nurses and from paramedics to assistants, everyone who is dealing directly with the virus affected people deserves a great tribute. According to the owner of Funky Tea Shirt, this new collection is a small token of respect and appreciation, as there is nothing that can be done to ever repay these people for the great work that they are doing for the service of humanity. The company is also urging people to show their appreciation by donating their favorite "Our Heroes Collection" T-Shirt design to their favorite First Responder & Essential Worker employee as a measure of giving thanks.

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